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Holistic Nutrition Therapy by Alana Brownell, M.N.T.
Denver / Boulder, Colorado

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I help heal bodies through, natural, whole food, holistic approaches.

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My Core Passions

We Feel What We Eat.

If you’re putting processed food into your body, your systems will feel overwhelmed and your body will be running on empty all of the time.

Keep It Simple.

If a diet is complicated and difficult to understand, you probably won't stick with it. I believe in whole foods that come from the earth and are well raised. Simple.

Ditch The Temptations.

Clear out your kitchen and get rid of the food that doesn’t serve your body. Your body will thank you with better health!

Love Your Food.

When you are conscious about what you eat, where it came from and what it is doing in your body, you receive a mental makeover that is certain to bring you happiness.

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See how I can improve your health using nutrition! I am available for in-office consultations in the Denver/Boulder area and everywhere else via phone and Skype.

I offer free ten minute phone consultations to discuss your current health status and goals. We can use this time to determine how an individualized nutrition plan can increase your vitality and decrease your symptoms. Contact me to schedule your consultation or to discuss any questions you may have.

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